You’d think would just be a generic Hermitcraft clone server, with an overbearing, petty and often dickhead admin team that fulfil their lives through angst fueled digital power trips against their members.
But you’d be mistaken my love, Seraphiccraft has a lot of character.
It’s a very down to earth, laid back and friendly server! It offers the most lovely, amiable community which comprises of many different ages (mostly young adults, but also a fair amount of parents!), with many different nationalities (most interesting being Venezuela, India and South Korea).
We have sci-craft level farms - including a wither farm with perimeter, ghast farm, and two far overkill ironfarms.
We have really impressive builds, from huge mass scale with our nether hub, volcano and to quaint with the picturesque floating spawn islands and beautiful village bases. And even if you’re not a redstoner or builder, SeraphicCraft's chat alone is worth joining for.
Also, when the owner is the most outrageous player, you need not worry about being a bit too cheeky in chat or a bit naughty on the discord as long as your intentions are good hearted.


Be friendly and warm
Respect the environment, dont be a dick and leave a creeper hole near spawn!
PVP enabled but dont be slaughtering everyone
Have common sense mostly, hopefully we can trust you to know whats cool and whats not.


  • Server version?
  • 1.14.4 (Village & Pillager Update)
  • Will you reset the map?
  • For the foreseeable future. No!
  • Are you completely vanilla?
  • We use a completely vanilla jar, however we do have a couple vanilla friendly tweaks that follow the hermitcraft ruleset - a shulkur spawner, all mob head drops, extra dungeons(migrated from 1.12.2) and datapacks.

    What mods can I use?

    Optifine (check it here!)
    Shaders mods (We recommend this one!)
    Voxel Minimap (check it here!)(not working at the moment!!)
    Schematica (check it here!) - Printer mode only allowed very rarely with admin permission, for grossly repetitive tasks (not working at the moment!!)

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